Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm in software testing eBook

My long awaited eBook is released.
Daily Testing Tip and Software Testing Club have launched an eBook recently. I’m extremely happy to see the eBook created with one simple but powerful idea which turned into a fabulous eBook for a great cause. The idea was a twitter challenge prompted by Daily Testing Tip's Anne-Marie Charrett to complete the phrase "If I were a test case I would..." The response was overwhelming to tribute for a cause.

The cause is to help Chandrashekar B.N (Chandru). Chandru is a passionate tester and we testers are contributing our sincere prayers and money to beat his Blood Cancer. Yes, Chandru is affected with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. For more information please continue surfing more web links here: http://helpchandru.com | http://bit.ly/9LyGyi | http://bit.ly/cW0u6k .You're helping hands are equally better as you're praying lips. Please help Chandru. Thank you!

@xploresqa is Shiva Mathivanan:
I was patiently going through each sections of eBook page-by-page. However, I was impatient to check whether I have made my five responses up for eBook?. I typed CTRL + F in my QWERTY keyboard to get where I wanted to reach. Yes I have made it. My twitter name @xploresqa along with my 3 responses was featured in software testing eBook. I smiled with pleasure :) . Thank you @charrett for this wonderful initiative.

I am glad to see my name in popular software testing eBook. Out of my 5 responses you can find 3 of them in the eBook which you gonna download shortly. Those were:

Download eBook for Free:
It contains over 200 interesting responses and cartoons (created by Cartoon Tester) from the testing community answering and completing the following sentence: "If I were a test case, I would...".Please do have a read. There are some really great responses there. Download it for free here - http://bit.ly/dPpiXC

Enjoy reading testing eBook!

Best Regards,
Shiva Mathivanan.