Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello Testing World!

I'm wending a step forward into the blogger's world. This is the blog space to showcase my test experience and to cater you the joy of software testing on your yearn.

SOWN now, and hey wow can you see its GROWING well, then of-course it will BEAR you soon.

Welcome to my Blog
Shiva Mathivanan, Senior Test Engineer

I belong to context driven school of testing. If you want to know more about me then contact me at or Skype me at shivamathivanan. I welcome you all once again to my blog. Wishing to hit your vision & conscious soon with updated posts. Thank you.!

This blog is under preparation for the launch.
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  1. Congratulations, Valid Post I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up the good work.


  2. Welcome to blogosphere my dear friend. It is good to see you that you started blogging. Keep it up and encourage other testers to blog as well.


  3. @Nataraj - Thanks

    @Sathosh Tuppad -Sure buddy, of-course our vision will poke each tester’s consciousness to come out of their traps, through Blog post forums.

  4. Hi Shiva, am so happy that you have started to blog... keep rocking :-)

    Am sure your posts would benefit the testing community to a large extent...