Friday, October 21, 2011

LinkedIn – Error message is invalid and unhelpful

I see that the error I posted last year November 2010 to LinkedIn still isn't fixed. If you had missed that bug report, you can view it from here - "LinkedIn-Error message is valid but unhelpful". While trying to reproduce the error which I had posted last year, I found yet another error. However this time, the error danced at me is very invalid and ultimately unhelpful. It blocked my action to precede what to do next. Crazy me!

As soon I reveal there is a quick challenge awaiting for you. So closely follow up to reproduce!

Bug Title: LinkedIn- User warning message is invalid and unhelpful.
Defect Module: Invite Friends.
Severity: Medium
Priority: Medium
Tested Environment: Google Chrome 14.0.835.202 m on Win 7

Steps to reproduce:
1. Login with valid credentials to in any browser.
2. Choose a friend, to whom you want to connect from the top right navigation of the page from "People You May Know" section.
3. Click on the "+Connect" link
4. Choose the "Friend" option button from "How do you know '?'
5. Replace the existing personal note with below message

Hi user,
I am a new user.Please add me up.Thanks.

6. Click on "Send Invitation" button
7. Refer the screenshot to view the error.

LinkedIn - Invite Friends

Observed Result:
I got warning message in RED stating... "We're sorry, you cannot include website addresses in invitations. Please remove the website address and try again."

Expected Result:
Require appropriate user warning message. Field level error validation warning message needs to be examined to offer necessary user status message which could add value to the existing user base.
-Bug Report Ends-

Hey LinkedIn - You asked me to include a personal note, so I did. But you are asking sorry, to inform me that I cannot add website address in invitations. I also feel sorry to say that I did not add any website address in the personal note. You can very well see my personal note in the screenshot.

Testing Challenge:
Hey testers out there,
Can you do a quick bug investigation on the error that I have reported and let me know - How that error message could have been triggered?

If you would like to learn more about Bug Investigation skills before you start working on above testing challenge then click on these link here & here.

Best Regards,
Shiva Mathivanan


  1. Keep Rocking Dude... :)

  2. Ha ha I have experienced this one before but, not on LinkedIn. So, I could easily relate that to this.

    It is because you do not have a space after . (Dot).

    Example: Try and submit it (You receive that error message which is correct).

    Now, if you type "Up.Thanks", you can relate it to "" format and which is why it is treating "Up.Thanks" and "user.Please" as domain name and displaying the error message which is not correct.

    There has to be different validation mechanism where it checks for domain names rather than treating any string with a dot and no space after the dot as domain name which is really not a domain name.

    Or else give both type of error messages saying,

    "Did you enter a website name or you did not enter space after fullstop? (Example: If you typed >> I stop.Bye. << Then please re-type it as >> I stop. Bye. <<)" This would help an end-user to submit the form without an error.

    Where is my prize? \o/

    - Santhosh Tuppad

  3. @Santhosh Tuppad: You are absolutely right, congratulations! :)

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