Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chennai Testers Monthly Meet

Hi Testers,

I was longing for one such meet in Chennai for the testing community to get benefitted after attending one in Bangalore . There's a fantastic group of testers meet-up happening every month at Chennai. It is being conducted by Indian testing board. As Pradeep Soundararajan rightly pointed in his latest post on Testers Meet Across India here comes an panel of opportunities for Chennai Testers. If you're a tester or an emerging tester who want to learn free education through constant self learning by collaborating with other successful testers in industry then here is a chance for you to drive success within you're self. Go Join Chennai Testers Monthly Meet.

To seek more information on Chennai testers & forth coming testers monthly meet should join Chennai testers Google Groups, here .

Best Regards,
Shiva Mathivanan

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  1. The Chennai Testers Monthly Meet is happening on 11th June 2011. Register at: http://chennaitmm3.eventbrite.com