Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Super Star Tester of Chennai

Hi there, please read the above blog-post "title" if you did not read it for the first time. I'm sure you would have read at least once by now. However you can only have the privilege to read, because this "title" had already been grabbed by someone from Chennai region for Jan-Mar 2011. If you're a tester from Chennai and if you would like to get this awesome "title" for Apr-Jun 2011 then, all you need to do is to continue reading this post to dig more! :)

As you had read above "title" you probably may have many questions to ask like 'Super Star Tester', what is it all about? - Might be you're very first question, isn't? Followed by 'how it is assessed'? And 'on what basis though? Etc. Like you, I too had the same thought when I received the first-email from Bharath on Mar 31,2011 at 11:06 AM IST. Bharath is an enthusiastic tester and active moderator of Chennai testing Google groups. His second-email had all answers to the questions I have had. I hope you too will be answered.

Bharath had sent two emails, first-email was regarding the award "title" and the second-email was about the winner of the "title". The first-email regarding the introduction of awarding "title" is copy-pasted over here:

from bharath s
date Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 11:06 AM
subject Super Star Tester of Chennai
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Hi All

I know this would be as a surprise to all of you... So here is the news..

Chennai Testing User Group has planned to recognize a Super Star Tester Of Chennai every quarterly and in recognition of their contribution Chennai Testing User Group would send a PRIZE to the Super star Tester of Chennai.

Selection of Super Star Tester is based on what that person has done for the testing community and to the Chennai testing User Group...

So For the month of Jan-Mar We have selected a SUPER STAR TESTER from Chennai and that persons is........................and this person has done........................

Will be announced in 15 min... ;)
After a while, I received an second follow up email addressing the winner. The email was packed with full of surprises and new rewarding strategy of Chennai testing user group. The unedited draft is copy-pasted below to preserve the spirit. :)

from bharath s
date Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 12:01 PM
subject Re: Super Star Tester of Chennai
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So how do I become a Super Star Tester of Chennai?
Your contribution to the Testing Community by any ways will make you eligible for the super star tester of Chennai. contribution can be in terms of 

 - sharing your learning in the chennai testing group or your blog 
 - Giving a presentation on your learning during the chennai testers meeting 
 - Inviting speakers for the chennai testers meeting
 - Helping the Chennai testing User Group to have their meeting in your office conference hall (of    course with permission from your office).
 - Spreading the awareness regarding various events and playing a role in making people attending workshops and conference and letting them know about the      importance of networking. 

What do i get?
Chennai testing user group will recognize your work and send you a prize and also blog and let the people from the outside world know about your contribution in Testing. 
PS - If you would like to sponsor the next prize for the Super Star Tester of Chennai .. do let me know before.

So what has the winner done to get the Super Star Tester Of Chennai?
- He has traveled to banglore just to meet testers in Banglore to gain and share knowledge in Testing.
- He not only trains his Juniors in his office but also let them know about the events related to testing and he had come with his entire team for the bug debug event     which    happened in chennai.
- He also shares his knowledge to the entire chennai testing group by blogging about his learnings and also sharing various other great testers blogs to the community.
- He will soon be a major part of the Chennai testers meeting and increase his contribution for the Testing community.

and the list goes on...

If you think you also want to become a Super Star Tester in Chennai.. Start helping the testing community in chennai to GROW. Contribute as much as possible for the community. "You may not get result of your contribution immediately but you will get it someday when you actually deserve it."

After all this build up the winner is .... None other than...Shivakumar Mathivanan 

The winner for the month of Jan - Mar 2011 is Shivakumar Mathivanan. 

PS - Shiva you prize will reach you in a week's time
Note to Myself: What did I do to achieve this reward "title"? I did NOTHING. 'Nothing' compared to what? 'Nothing' compared to my limelight mentors tireless efforts and their service to testing community. Frankly, truly, deeply I wanted to help myself learn better testing. To which I collaborated with other like-minded testers to get educated. At the same time, I never hesitate to help my co-tester who shows great potential to learn. I practice learning, practice reading, practice better testing, practice writing. I constantly seek feeds from limelight testers. Read and re-read good books, blogs and thereby I get a chance to interpret every human testing mind. All the more I share what I learn.

It was a great moment for me to get cherished by Chennai testing community to shower their best wishes and appreciations. I'm very grateful for the prize book received - You're Hired. Thanks to everyone involved!

Best Regards,
Shiva Mathivanan


  1. You are great . You are right person to get this award.

    Continue the same in coming quarter aswell.

    Congrats !!!!!!!!

  2. @Suresh B: Thanks a lot. I appreciate you're interest of reading & commenting you're thoughts. Please spread the word for Chennai testers benefit.

  3. Hey Shiva.. Awesome

    Its a Great Job.. and many many Congrats for you to become a super star :)

    You deserved this.. Keep it up :)


  4. Hi Siva,

    Great Job and good to hear, you actually deserve the position.


  5. @Mothiram: Thanks for the endorsement. Feedback from great professionals like you are most welcomed. :)

  6. Congratulations Shiva. Want to see more of it from you :)

  7. Congrats Shiva. Keep rocking!!!


  8. Thanks Sundar. Wishing you the same.